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Fig. 6 Workflow and data flow of AcrossX solution and ecosystem

Experience API (xAPI): Potential for Open Educational Resources – Part 4 (1)

(Continued from Experience API (xAPI): Potential for Open Educational Resources – Part 3) Case Studies of xAPI There have been many xAPI implementation cases in the enterprise domain but few in the education domain due to the slower pace at which educational institutions adopt new technology. Here we share some case studies in the education domain…. Read More ›

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Bad Practices in Mobile Learning (1)


This updated summary of “Bad Practices in Mobile Learning” from EduTech blog of The World Bank (by Michael Trucano)  is more schools than enterprise, but these are common mistakes observed in multiple initiatives and in multiple places, and seem to repeat over time with only slight variations. In no particular order,  and with specific reference to common realities in middle… Read More ›

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From Data Silos to Data Literacy (#xAPI) (0)

xAPI Analytics & Visualization

How do I know? Do learners really study the learning contents when I implement Flipped Learning/Teaching method? How does each learner use the learning content? Does the content or my pedagogy work for each one? What can be improved for different preferences or abilities? I use so many technology tools and applications, how to put… Read More ›

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Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: A Guide for Teachers (1)

Figure 1: A pedagogical framework for mobile assisted language teaching and learning

The 46 page research report on ‘Mobile pedagogy for English language teaching and learning: a guide for teachers’ is a practical and informative report. It was written by experts (Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Lucy Norris and Jim Donohue) in the field that combine a strong theoretical background with experienced practical projects. Introduction The ideas in this guide are… Read More ›

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Secrets of Mobile Learning Failures (#mlearning) (3)


Secrets of mlearning failures: confronting reality, from Research in Learning Technology Thomas Cochrane Centre for Teaching and Learning, Auckland University of Teaching, Auckland, NZ Having implemented and evaluated over 35 mlearning projects in a variety of contexts in higher education over the past 6 years the researcher is ready to share the untold secret: not all mlearning… Read More ›

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(Infographic) #Gamification and Instructional Design (4)

Gamification and instrcutional design title

Great infographic from Mia McMeekin, enjoy! Behaviors are the atomic blocks of gamification designing and engineering, the purpose is to analyze and influence them for desired outcomes. If you think of xAPI (Experience API), the statement is true as well. xAPI and gamification are both data-driven, evidence-centered learning design strategy. They are both like a… Read More ›

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Can Game Design Be Leveraged to Enhance Cognitive Adaptability? (1)

game design

Can Game Design Be Leveraged to Enhance Cognitive Adaptability? Patrick S. Gallagher, Ph.D., Shenan H. Prestwich Principal Researcher, Serco, performing on contract to Advanced Distributed Learning, Alexandria, Virginia USA Next Generation Learner, Researcher, Katmai, performing on contract to Advanced Distributed Learning, Alexandria, Virginia USA Abstract: Adaptability is a metacompetency critically important to the United States… Read More ›

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Innovating Pedagogy – Dynamic Assessment (4)

dynamic assessment

Innovating Pedagogy 2014  This is the third in a series of annual reports on innovations in teaching, learning and assessment. The Innovating Pedagogy reports from Open University(UK) are intended for teachers, policy makers, academics and anyone interested in how education may change over the next ten years. Giving the learner personalized assessment to support learning Potential impact: medium Timescale: long (4+… Read More ›

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Developers, Are You Part of Learning Big Data Innovations? (#xAPI) (0)

An Example of xAPI implementation

Big data rule the world, but not learning, yet. Big data and algorithms have decided our search results, social media and news feeds, ads we see, and even more. But we aren’t leveraging data power in our learning, they are in silos now. Differentiate with data When driving a car, there is a dashboard to… Read More ›

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Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions (4)

learners choices

White paper title: Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions (licensed under CC BY) Authors: Li Yuan, Stephen Powell and Bill Olivier The key opportunity for institutions is to take the concepts developed by the MOOC experiment to date and use them to improve the quality of their face-to-face and online provision, and to open… Read More ›