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Being a member of BRAVA offers many professional development opportunities for you and your organization. 


You'll be networking with a group of highly knowledgeable and motivated people in your field and will learn more about best practices and the constantly evolving world of volunteerism.


You may hear from a knowledgeable speaker on subjects pertaining to volunteerism, or share resources. As you become more familiar with the programs and services offered by other community organizations  beneficial partnership opportunities may arise! Learn more...



Brant Regional Association of Volunteer Administrators (BRAVA) was created in 1988 through Volunteer Brant, which received its funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
Volunteer Brant created this association with its original BRAVA members: Tranquility Place, the Willet, Brantford General Hospital, Nova Vita, YMCA, Brantwood and the Family Relief Program (Volunteer Bureau). This association created a network that would help promote and recognize the contributions that volunteers make in the Brant community.
Originally BRAVA consisted of fourteen members. In the years that followed BRAVA has grown to include 30 agency members that support volunteerism in all areas of the community such as health care, education, arts and culture, faith, and social services.
To date BRAVA continues to be committed in its support of volunteerism in Brant County through educational workshops, special recognition events, promotion of volunteer opportunities, and by providing a network in which volunteer administrators are able to share ideas and best practices.



A wealth of support is available online! If you're new to the field of volunteer administration you may want to start here:


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